Hey there, fabulous readers! Today, July 26th, we’re coming together to celebrate National Disability Independence Day, a special day dedicated to recognizing the incredible contributions of individuals with disabilities and exploring the world of workplace inclusivity. So, let’s dive in and explore the business case, perks of having disabled employees, and get down to business with inclusive hiring practices! 

First off…

The Business Case

Accenture looked at 140 large companies whose average annual revenues were $43 billion. Then they applied a scoring system produced by Disability:IN called the Disability Equality Index (“DEI”). The score looked at things like hiring practices, engagement, and support services. The companies that had a DEI score of 80 and greater were termed “Disability Inclusion Champions.” 

They had some very eye-opening findings. 

Champions had…

  • 28% more revenue 
  • 2x more net income 
  • a 30% higher profit margin

    …than their peers, and…
  • “were twice as likely…to have higher total shareholder returns” 
  • “were four times as likely to have total shareholder returns that outperform those of their peer group.” 

Data and quotes: Accenture, Getting to Equal 2018: The Disability Inclusion Advantage  This is some good reading, people. 

Now let’s look at some things we can do to unlock these benefits!

What To Have and Do

 1. Reasonable Accommodation: Unleashing Hidden Potentials 

You won’t believe the hidden gems within our talented disabled employees! With reasonable workplace accommodations, like adjusting work hours or providing assistive technology, we unleash their full potential. And guess what? These accommodations benefit not only our disabled employees but also contribute to overall team productivity and happiness. It’s a win-win situation! 

2. ADA Compliance: A Solid Foundation for Equality 

ADA compliance isn’t just legal jargon; it’s the bedrock of equality in our workplace! When we ensure accessibility and fair treatment for all, we set the stage for a thriving and united team. 

3. Inclusive Hiring Practices: Let’s Get This Party Started! 

Alright, let’s kick things up a notch with inclusive hiring practices!

Step one, don’t just try to be non-biased individually but keep hiring through the same channels. Look up census data and see where likely prospects are. Advertise the job in those places, even if there isn’t as many candidates in an area but there are still some. Same goes for online.  

Step two, make the hiring process anonymous to you and your hiring managers up until you need to meet them in person. We’re all a little biased in some. Even people of color and the disabled have their biases. So, let’s do all we can to keep that out of the process.  

And step three, let’s open our doors wide to welcome these amazing individuals with disabilities into our fantastic team!


As we celebrate National Disability Independence Day, let’s keep our eyes on the prize – building an inclusive and supportive workplace! Let’s bid farewell to disability discrimination and embrace a diverse and inclusive team that thrives on the strengths of each member. By empowering every team member, including our talented disabled employees, we can conquer challenges and achieve greatness together. Happy National Disability Independence Day! Let’s continue to create a workplace where everyone feels empowered and valued – one step at a time!  

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