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Protect your business with HR services on-demand from our team of certified HR advisors.

How HR On-Demand Benefits You

HR On-Demand service is designed to help you improve the efficiency of your business and protect it from penalizing consequences. Our certified professionals are just a click or phone call away and can provide you with live HR support on-demand and instant answers in more than 25 practice areas. We can also help you create comprehensive HR documents tailored to meet your business objectives and compliance requirements.

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Rapidly solve your HR issues with unlimited, on-demand support from the industry’s best team of certified HR professionals. This package is best fit for employers with fewer than 50 employees looking for fast, live HR advice.


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*Billed annually


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*Billed monthly

Additional HR Services

1. AAP/EEO Compliance

We ensure that your business complies with OFCCP-prescribed AAP requirements through analysis of recruitment, compensation, record keeping, policy development and implementation, and more.

2. Compensation Plans/FLSA Compliance

We can assist you in identifying gaps in FLSA compliance through statistical analysis, reviews, counseling, compensation studies, and documentation to help you remain compliant.

3. Webinars & Training Workshops

Become a certified expert by completing our affirmative action training courses that include interactive webinars, workshops, and more.

Our Team Of Certified HR Experts Will Help Your Company Avoid Penalties And Yield Benefits


Potential cost of a single bad hire due to lost productivity, rehiring, and training expenses.


Potential penalty for wage & hour violation under the Fair Labor Standards Act.*


Potential fine for each Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) violation.*

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Features Designed To Help You Quickly Tackle Your HR

Sexual harassment prevention training
Law library
HR trainings
Law alert notifications
HR Advisor newsletter
Resources covering common employer laws
HR fitness test to assess HR gaps
Including ACA, FLSA, and FMLA
Ask the Advisor Q&As
Proactive handbook builder
Guides on popular HR topics
Policy customization
Practical, live HR advice
Custom job descriptions
HR ticket history
New hire kits
HR Concierge live chat assistance
HR forms, templates, and policies library

Choose A Subscription:

Rapidly solve your HR issues with unlimited, on-demand support from the industry’s best team of certified HR professionals. This package is best fit for employers with fewer than 50 employees looking for fast, live HR advice.


per month per user
*Billed annually


per month per user
*Billed monthly


Our HR Advisors can help you save thousands of dollars in HR costs and penalties.


Save up to 25 hours per month searching for HR answers. Our experienced HR professionals can quickly help you identify and locate HR issues and tools you need.


With an average of 16 years experience and consistent success rate, our HR consultants on-demand will help you tackle all your HR issues when you need them.

Common Issues
That Our HR Advisors
Help Solve

We received a complaint about harassment. How should we respond?

Does an I-9 form need to be updated when an employee has a name change?

Should we ban romantic relationships in the workplace?

How do I keep an employee at-will but require them to give notice before leaving?

Can the same person be both an employee and an independent contractor?

Covered under FMLA?

Can an employer legally make their employees use their accumulated vacation hours?

Do you recommend reducing hours as a disciplinary measure?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Employees who manage HR spend up to 25 hours ($1,100) a month looking for answers to HR queries. We save you this time and money, and the hassle by bringing live HR support on-demand at your fingertips. Send your queries and concerns to us. Our team of certified HR advisors will provide expert guidance to address and solve them for you. We understand that based on your business and your employees, your HR queries can be numerous and of varied nature. So, there is no limit to the number of questions you can ask us. The time you save can then be invested in core areas of your business. This maintains the health of your organization and keeps your employees happy. Our 16+ years of experience guarantees that your business stays protected and functions in the most optimized way.

If you aren’t too careful in formulating and consistently implementing your company’s HR policies, your business may end up in a tight spot with a bunch of unexpected penalties. For example, the Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) has been put into place to ensure compliance with the US Federal Regulators for all contractors doing business with the US Federal government who meet certain criteria. But a written AAP is not enough. Companies need to adhere to the OFCCP-prescribed method of implementing it. Non-compliance can lead to financial settlements and large legal fees. Similarly, non-compliance with FLSA, OSHA and other acts may add up to thousands of dollars in penalties that can affect the bottom-line of your business.

We ensure that you have the right information regarding the documents that need to be prepared, have up-to-date plans and policies, and that your business is adhering to them at every step. Our HR consultants on-demand can help you review your current policies, procedures, and practices to identify gaps and work with you to keep you compliant and up to date.

Anyone can use HR on-demand service. Our HR consulting service is designed on a per-user basis.

We have two subscription packages for our HR on-demand service:

  • Monthly package of $99 per user
  • Yearly package of $948 per user which translates into a monthly fee of $79
To use our service, select a package and click on it to process the payment. Our services will be activated once you complete the payment process.


*billed annually
*billed monthly