HR Unlimited Inc. understands the challenges that a business faces in balancing professional priorities while maintaining full compliance with employment laws. Our services help you make sound judgments when business decisions can impact your company’s legal compliance. At HR Unlimited Inc., we ensure that your company is both prepared and compliant with the laws and standards to which you are held.

You may not realize that you can jeopardize the security of your company’s confidential information by utilizing a traditional Human Resources consulting group. Traditional consulting groups do not offer attorney-client privilege, allowing your competitors access to your information through the Freedom of Information Act, or to be “discoverable” in an audit or court case. Through our partnership with a best-ranked national law firm, HR Unlimited Inc. offers the security and expertise of a law firm while fitting your budget.

Many HR consultants miss the mark by providing legal compliance advice without fully considering the company’s business needs and goals. We understand that it is critical to consider both to successfully provide meaningful compliance solutions.