“We have referred HRU to several other organizations. That is how pleased we are with the work they provide for us.”
— Adam Fischer, Sr Manager of Human Resources — Construction

“HRU was my ‘go to’ source for all Affirmative Action-related issues.”
— William H. Feery, VP Human Resources & Administration — High Tech 

The HR Unlimited Inc. Advantage

Our consultants have prepared thousands of AAPs and have assisted federal contractors through their compliance reviews.

We Can Help Protect You From Bad News with Attorney-Client Privilege.

If you or a traditional HR vendor uncover or misinterpret data that may indicate “adverse impact”, this can be used against you in an audit or legal action even if incorrect. HR Unlimited Inc. offers attorney-client privilege through our partnership with national law firms. When we analyze your data, if we uncover “adverse impact”, this analysis does not need to be turned over in an audit or in court to the OFCCP, EEOC, DOL, or DOJ. This gives you the ability to take corrective action prior to updating your AAP and act to mitigate legal risk from the adverse impact.

We Can Help Protect Your Talent.

That same attorney-client privilege protects your data from the Freedom of Information Act. Competitors can request this information from the OFCCP, EEOC, DOL, or DOJ if you were subject to audits and use it to poach talent from your company. By making this data privileged, you protect your company’s ability to retain key talent.

We Have Inside Experience with the OFCCP.

Our CEO, Ahmed, is a former District Director for the OFCCP. He has sent scheduling letters. Through his expertise and experience, you know that your AAP and supporting documentation will help protect you from full audits and litigation in a way our competitors can’t.

HR Unlimited Inc.’s Commitment to Service

Year-round unlimited support: You will have our experienced AAP experts available throughout the year to answer your questions with unmatched courtesy, promptness, and reliability. At no additional cost to our clients, we offer one day seminars in the development and maintenance of AAPs. As an additional value, if desired, your AAP goals can be set and monitored with quarterly reports that are emailed to your EEO Coordinator to ensure that you are comfortable and proactive with your compliance throughout the year.

Education: Education is extremely important to us – we strive to help our clients understand the importance of compliance and educate them on the best practices for maintaining compliance. We keep you informed through e-alerts about any changes in Affirmative Action requirements, including the latest information and trends in OFCCP regulations and requirements. We also have a blog as well as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts to keep you connected to the latest industry news and information.

Timeliness and Efficiency: HR Unlimited Inc. understands that you and your company are busy—we work quickly and professionally in order to ensure we provide excellent services in a timely fashion. We have always exceeded deadlines for our clients when responding to scheduling letters and submitting bids for contracts with the federal government or municipalities. We work closely with our clients to compile the necessary data and have completed AAPs in a matter of days as needed.

Competitive Pricing: At HR Unlimited Inc., we aim to provide the best possible service without putting a strain on your company’s budget and means. We offer a flexible, affordable pricing structure so that you may select the service level that’s right for you, regardless the size of your business.

Superior Qualifications: Our capable team of subject matter experts provides quality solutions to complex regulatory compliance requirements. HR Unlimited Inc. has consultants with backgrounds in Human Resources, Statistics, Law, Compensation Planning, and more; the team members’ diversity is complimentary and allows us to provide clients with well-rounded and expertly informed information and services.

Proven Results: Our Affirmative Action plans are “audit tested” by the OFCCP with first-rate outcomes. Should you receive an OFCCP audit, HR Unlimited Inc. will be there to support you and work on your behalf with the Compliance Officers to provide any information required. HR Unlimited Inc. has a strong track record of OFCCP audit success.

Find out what our clients have to say about our services by reading our testimonials page.  Want to learn more about the benefits that come along with working with HR Unlimited Inc? Contact us today!