We create compensation programs that are bold and imaginative, yet practical and compliant.

We help you with:

Setting the Direction

Successful total reward programs start with the creation of a Total Rewards Philosophy that sets the direction, serves as a compass, unites diverse perspectives and expertise while delivering results.

HR Unlimited Inc. specializes in creating Total Reward Philosophies and approaches that support the achievement of organizational objectives while attracting, retaining and motivating employees.

  • Systems
  • Data
  • Best practices
  • Requests for proposals, score-card analysis and vendor selection

Organizational Design and Employee Development

Organizational design has a significant impact on culture, nimbleness, process efficiency, cost structures, job levels, career paths and employee opportunities for advancement. To best support the needs of your company and employees, HR Unlimited Inc. will provide you with the assistance required to take a holistic approach to organizational design and employee development.

Structure Design
Career Pathing
& Leveling Charts

Benchmarking and Best Practices

Data driven decisions lead to success. HR Unlimited Inc. can research, analyze and interpret the market data and trends to determine which course of action will drive the most value-added results.

and Competitive 
Market Studies

Survey Design,
Analysis and Reporting

and Analysis


and Analysis

Adjustment & Promotion
Budget Recommendations

Program Design

HR Unlimited Inc. specializes in facilitating the development, implementation, communication and roll-out of total reward programs that align with business objectives, drive results and pay for performance.

  • Base pay
  • Salary structure design and impact analysis
  • Pay increase guidelines
  • Bonus and commission plans
  • Variable pay
  • Long-term incentive plans
  • Equity program design and administration (Stock options, restricted stock units, performance units)
  • Reward and Recognition Programs

Pay for Performance

Performance Management, Merit, Bonus, and Equity Planning Processes

Paying for Performance starts by setting clear goals on expectations and the associated outcomes. Ongoing feedback is critical to removing obstacles and course correction. Aligning rewards and recognition to achievements that are in the ‘line of sight’ will create winning results for the organization and employees.

Training and Communication

HR Unlimited Inc. thrives on developing interactive, experiential training courses to increase Human Resources and Management’s understanding of total rewards and compliance initiatives. To further support Human Resources and Management, HR Unlimited Inc. creates detailed communication plans and materials to drive appropriate awareness and understanding of how programs work and what actions employees can take to drive results.


Compensation and compliance training for HR professionals and management.


Brochures, FAQs, Manager Speaking Notes, Train the Trainer tool kits, and marketing campaigns

Compliance and Administration

HR Unlimited Inc. can assist in ensuring that programs and processes are compliant with Federal and State requirements. Additionally, HR Unlimited Inc. can assist with program administration, increasing process efficiencies and customized cost modeling and reporting.

Compliance with State and Federal Labor Laws
Complex Modeling and Analysis
FLSA Exemption Reviews
Database Creation and Reporting
Fair Pay Act
HR Policy, Procedures and Practices
Process Improvement and Documentation

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