HR Unlimited Inc. is a premier consulting firm specializing in Affirmative Action Programs.

HR Unlimited Inc.’s proven strategies have streamlined the process of Affirmative Action Plan development, allowing us to provide plans to our clients on an expedited timeline. Our mission is to provide superior client-focused, cost-effective, and specialized human resources to our clients.

HR Unlimited Inc. Company History

Founded in 2001, HR Unlimited Inc. was established to assist small businesses with their various Human Resources needs. As the company grew, so did their ability to offer new services and to assist mid- and large-sized clients in addition to their established client base.

After 9 years of growth and development, HR Unlimited Inc. was acquired by Ahmed Younies, who recognized the company’s potential to become a leading Affirmative Action Plan provider to companies nationwide.

Soon after acquiring the company, Ahmed established a partnership with a prestigious national law firm. He recognized the diverse benefits that consultants and attorneys can provide and joined the two, providing clients with the highest possible level of expertise, confidentiality, and service. This partnership allows HR Unlimited Inc. to provide attorney-client privilege to their clients and client support from both a consultant and an attorney, a benefit unique to HR Unlimited Inc.

Ahmed continues to build partnerships with consultants and experts in the HR field. Through these strategic alliances with other organizations, HR Unlimited Inc. is able to bring an innovative suite of services and benefits to their clients.

We deal with clients from all over the country.