Autism and equal hiring practices

It’s Autism Acceptance Month

April is Autism Acceptance Month, and April 2nd was World Autism Awareness Day. How is this relevant to equal hiring practices and Human Resources in general? Well, people with Aspergers and Autism fall squarely under the “disabled” label for purposes of Affirmative Action Programs (AAP) with hiring and firings, and if you have applicants for positions that…
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Celebrating Black American Pioneers

Black History Month: Celebrating Black American Pioneers

Diversity has always been a cornerstone of what makes America great. Having a variety of skills, experiences, and perspectives within the workforce allows for progress and growth that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Let us recognize and honor those incredible Black American pioneers who opened doors of opportunity and drastically improved the lives of many. Maggie…
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Who’s required to file CA Pay Data Reports, what’s included, and when to file

Changes to the 2022 California Pay Data Reporting

CALIFORNIA PAY DATA REPORTING The California Civil Rights Department (CRD) recently updated its requirements as a result of California Senate Bill 1162, which will affect the California Pay Data Reporting for the 2022 filing season. Although some updates are still pending, we have compiled a list of the changes below to help you prepare for…
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McDonald's to pay nearly $2M to resolve lawsuit

McDonald’s Franchise Will Pay Nearly $2 Million to Resolve EEOC Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) agency recently announced that AMTCR, Inc., AMTCR Nevada, Inc., and AMTCR California, LLC (AMTCR), a McDonald’s franchise owner headquartered in Arizona, will pay $1,997,500 to settle an EEOC sexual harassment lawsuit involving young employees in Nevada, Arizona, and California.  The lawsuit states that since at least 2017, AMTCR…
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