The Department of Labor typically accepts VETS-100/100A filings starting on August 1.  This year, however, the Department has encountered a number of technical problems with their electronic submission process which has prevented contractors from submitting their filings.  While the Department of Labor has been working diligently to correct these technical problems, they fully understand the difficulty it has caused for contractors and it has extended the date at which filing will be available, as well as the deadline for submission.

The Department of Labor now anticipates that the electronic filing system will be available for contractors’ use starting November 1, 2011.  Contractors will be allowed to file until December 30, 2011 without the initiation of enforcement actions against them.  The Department may initiate enforcement actions against contractors who do not submit VETS-100/100A forms by December 30, 2011.

As this situation develops, we will work to provide as much additional information as possible.