At the end of last week, the OFCCP began mailing Scheduling Letters to selected Federal Contractors.  For the Contractors who received Courtesy Scheduling Announcement Letters previously, be prepared.  Since the case load of Compliance Officers’ is currently more manageable, expect more comprehensive and longer audits.

Remember! The OFCCP itself addressed on its website that A contractor establishment should not be scheduled for another compliance evaluation during the 24–month period following the date on which the prior review was closed.  The OFCCP further advised that the establishment’s representative should call the local OFCCP office which issued the scheduling letter to inform them of the pending 24-month period.  Click here for the OFCCP “FAQs”, and scroll down to the last question.

If you receive a letter and would like assistance in preparing for the Scheduling Letter or Desk Audit submission, please feel free to contact Ahmed Younies at (800) 708-3655 extension 703, [email protected] or Chat with one of our representatives.