Women have worked diligently in order to ensure Equal Employment Opportunities, but unfortunately in some cases women are overlooked for positions, or if they are provided positions they can be paid less than men who perform the same job functions. In Affirmative Action hiring, it is necessary for companies to reach out to female candidates and to treat them equally throughout the hiring process. Below are resources where you can find female potential candidates to help strengthen your employer base and diversity.

Women Hiring Links

Women’s Joblist – Women’s Joblist is the most visited job search engine for women. The website was created to give employers a tool to promote diversity and inclusion within their workplaces and to provide job seekers with easy access to those companies.

Women for Hire – Since 1999, Women For Hire has built a solid reputation of executing the best diversity events in the country. Participating in their events affords companies with exceptional benefits and helps them connect directly with female candidates.

Advancing Women -Advancing Women is a premier women and diversity recruiting site which provides a large pool of highly qualified candidates who have experience in a broad range of job functions and areas. They target professional women, Hispanics, Latinas, and other diverse minority populations in highly competitive fields and help employers bring excellent new employees into their organization.

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