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Compensation Plans/FLSA Compliance

In order to be AAP and EEO compliant, as well as Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) compliant, federal contractors and sub-contractors are required to conduct ongoing analyses of their compensation plans to ensure that they are providing fair pay to all employees. The OFCCP is becoming more and more diligent in their tracking and audits. As the multiple regression and standard deviation standards become more commonplace for the OFCCP, it is important that you utilize the services of an HR consultant firm which can provide statistical analysis at a level that meets and even exceeds that of the OFCCP’s statisticians. HR Unlimited’s staff has the experience and education to assist your company in determining pay gaps between gender and race/ethnicity.

Not only can HR Unlimited’s Compensation Plan services help you to remain compliant with federal organizations, they can also help to ensure the loyalty, focus and overall happiness of your employees. If you’re concerned about the competitiveness of your current compensation levels or the effectiveness of your salary structure, HR Unlimited can help you to analyze your current compensation and restructure in a way that is advantageous to both your company and your employees.

Richard Lane, HR Unlimited’s Principal Consultant for Compensation and Benefits Practice, has extensive experience in compensation and benefits administration and consulting, making him an invaluable asset to creating an effective and compliant compensation and benefit plan for your company.

Our compensation and benefits service offerings are meant to provide you with a solution that makes sense, both practically and financially, for your business.

Our compensation and benefits services include:

– Review of current salary structures to ensure positions are appropriately graded and salary midpoints reflect the current market. Review of salaries for all levels of employees to ensure fair pay compliance is upheld.

– Conducting of job classification studies as well as determination of exemption status for all employees. Development of internal equity based systems to ensure that jobs of comparable worth are paid appropriately.

– Review and revision of job descriptions to ensure that they are accurate and compliant with appropriate legislation.

– Development of employee handbooks and/or company policy manuals.

– Development of long term cash or equity plans for C level executives and other key employees.

– Counseling of business owners on how to develop exit strategies, succession planning, and providing meaningful incentive opportunities to non-family employees.

– Conducting custom compensation and benefit surveys to address any particular concerns you may have.

Aside from compensation plans and benefits, HR Unlimited can also help you to create incentive compensation plans for:

  • Sales
  • Manufacturing/Production, including gainsharing
  • Management 
  • Senior Executives

If you are looking to strengthen your compensation and benefits plans and ensure FLSA Compliance, contact us today for more information!

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