If you are a federal contractor, your

can be audited at any time.

The OFCCP now requires federal contractors to certify their affirmative action programs through its new portal.  Is your company in compliance?

Our OFCCP experts help you comply with Affirmative Action requirements.

If you are a federal contractor, your

can be audited at any time.

The OFCCP now requires federal contractors to certify their affirmative action programs through its new portal.  Is your company in compliance?
Meet Federal Requirements
Avoid Sanctions
Save Time & Money

Failure to comply with federal regulations can put your valuable federal contracts at risk. You could face substantial fines and penalties.

Annual Certification Requirements

Federal requirements change continuously. And now, all Federal Contractors and Subcontractors are required to annually certify that they have developed and maintained an Affirmative Action Plan.

Financial Assessments For Violations

Violations can be financially devastating.

Compliance & Record Keeping

Do you have an Affirmative Action Plan that ensures you're always in compliance?

Audits & More Scrutiny

Federal Contractors and Subcontractors can expect increased scrutiny of Affirmative Action Plans and targeted audits.

Our OFCCP solutions ensure that you meet federal requirements, avoid sanctions, and save valuable time & money

OFCCP Experts

Experience Matters: Our CEO’s experience as former District Director for the OFCCP and our team of former OFCCP Directors and Compliance Officers are here to support you.

If audits become a challenge, we’ve got your back.

You can be confident that our prepared AAP and supporting documentation helps protect you from complications of audits and litigation.

OFCCP Contractor Portal

HR Unlimited Inc.’s secure portal integrates with the OFCCP’s new contractor portal for compliance requirements.

Our portal is highly encrypted to ensure secure data transfer and storage.

OFCCP Audit Support

HR Unlimited Inc. is your Affirmative Action Partner during the event of an OFCCP audit. If you receive a scheduling letter, we will provide full support.

HR Unlimited Inc. has a strong track record of OFCCP audit success. Experience Matters!

Award-winning AAP/EEO Training

Earn your D&CS certification through HR Unlimited Inc.’s FREE award-winning program.

Our webinars will increase your mastery of EEO/AAP and Diversity principles and best practices, ensuring continuity of your federal contracts while helping you minimize non-compliance risks.

We understand that compliance with federal regulations can feel frustrating and noncompliance can put your valuable federal contracts at risk.

Our experts will guide and protect you through the process in a way other vendors cannot. Experience Matters!

Let's Work Together

Book a Free Consultation Today

We'll learn more about your company and discuss how our experts can help you collect the right data and create a customized and compliant Affirmative Action Plan.


Assess your strengths and risks

We'll analyze your data and assess your strengths and risks. Together, we'll ensure your business has the tools necessary to withstand the scrutiny of a government audit.


Enjoy peace of mind

Whether you need help with OFCCP record-keeping, or compensation, recruiting, and hiring practices, our highly experienced team will ensure you can manage your Affirmative Action Plan with confidence. Experience Matters!


HR Unlimited Certified

You deserve proven ways to ensure OFCCP Compliance

At HR Unlimited, we know you want to feel confident that you’re meeting OFCCP requirements.

To do that, you need experts you can rely on to guide you through the latest regulations and annual certifications.

The problem is, federal regulations change continuously and compliance reviews can happen at any time. This can cause stress and add financial burden on your company.

We believe federal contractors deserve proven solutions when it comes to Affirmative Action Plans. We understand how non-compliance puts your valuable federal contracts at risk, which is why our team includes experienced compliance officers who specialize in protecting your business.

To get the support you deserve, book a free consultation today. Now, you can stop putting your federal contracts at risk, and instead, feel confident that your Affirmative Action Plan is in full compliance.

Here’s what our clients are saying:

"As a federal contractor it can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing requirements. With the help of HRU, we are confident that our organization is operating in accordance with established standards and we are thankful for their excellent service…turnover time was phenomenal."
Natalie Griffiths
Legal Counsel
"I really like that everything is explained to me thoroughly and the templates are easy to use. I would recommend HR Unlimited to anyone who wants to simplify their AAP data collection process.”
Mike Baker
Human Resource Administrator
"HR Unlimited offers excellent Affirmative Action Plan support with an efficient process and exceptional customer service. The data collection process, painless. The affirmative action product, seamless. The customer care support, flawless. We anticipate continuing our partnership with HRU for years to come."
Wade Gardner
Recruiting Manager

OFCCP Experts,
here to help.

The OFCCP requires that all Federal Contractors and Subcontractors with $50,000 or more AND 50 employees or more develop an Affirmative Action Plan.

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Whether you have questions about Affirmative Action or Compliance, would like to find out more about our webinars, or would like to request a proposal, we will be happy to promptly respond to your inquiry.

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